Good Beer Guide Selection Process

1 All existing entries in the current GBG will be reviewed & divided into 2 categories:
a)All existing entries in the current GBG will be reviewed & divided into 2 categories:
b) Those that require further review.
2 (a) Nominations for inclusion in the next GBG may be made in writing or on-line at any time or verbally at branch meetings.  Any real ale pub may be put forward
(b) Note: Verbal nominations will only be considered if they are made within the appropriate agenda item at a branch meeting otherwise the nomination must be in writing or on line.

For on-line nominations please use:

This means that the previous 2 GBG separate selection meetings will be replaced by a standing item on each branch agenda.

(c)Pubs nominated will be considered & selected as appropriate by the GBG sub-committee to fit in with the visit schedule.
3 When sufficient nominations have been received, pubs will be selected for a visit. NBSS/What pub scores will be taken into account in the selection process.

Typically these scores should be 3.0 & above.

The pubs to be visited will be from those in 1 above + a selection of new nominations.

Note: Members attending Branch Meetings are reminded about the importance of regular beer scoring to support individual pub nominations.

4 All GBG entries for both Tyneside & Northumberland will be decided by the committee from a short list drawn up based on data received & visits made. A shortlist of pubs could be put to members for voting purposes at branch meetings if deemed necessary.
5 a) Where there is a lack of nominations, the committee will make the nominations.
b) Members will be encouraged to submit NBSS /What pub scores from selected areas, mainly in Northumberland.
6 All GBG pubs should be visited over a 2 year period; 37 for Tyneside & 40 for Northumberland, achieved as follows:
(a) For Tyneside, in any one year, the branch will aim to visit all the GBG entries in the current guide via various Meetings, Wanders & Socials. This should include a survey of each pub.
 (b) For Northumberland, in any one year there will be 4 survey trips each concentrating on 5 pubs, i.e. 20 pubs in any one year. There will be room to survey new possible entries on each trip, typically 3 or 4. The process is repeated in the second year for the remaining half of the 40 Northumberland entries.
7 A review of pubs suggested for the next GBG will take place in the following January by the committee to see what actions may be required.