Good Beer Guide Selection Process

Good Beer Guide 

A pub’s eligibility for inclusion in the Good Beer Guide is mainly decided by the average of beer scores entered over the preceding year by CAMRA members.

Our branch is responsible for the selection of pubs in parts of Tyneside and the whole of Northumberland.

Any obvious gaming of the system, as judged by the committee, will be removed i.e. constant scoring of 1 or five in any one pub etc.

Any pubs that have not attracted enough scores to be considered a reliable indicator i.e. 20 in Tyneside and 5 in Northumberland may not be counted.

The Committee, however, will try to encourage members to score pubs that we need more information on prior to finalising the selection process.

Any pub that is for sale, has changed hands or opened in the 6 months prior to a selection meeting may not be considered for that year’s guide to ensure consistency, If any member wishes to raise such an issue at a selection meeting they will be given a week to send any proof to the committee.

Once these criteria are met the pubs with the highest average scores may be submitted for the good beer guide in line with our branches allocations (normally alongside some reserve pubs in case of changes prior to printing)

How to score?

CAMRA Members contribute to the National Beer Scoring System (NBSS) by scoring pubs using, Alternatively for iPhone and Andriod users the GoodBeerGuide App makes for a easier way to score (no subscription to the app required!