Pub and Club of the Year 2022 Voting Form

The branch Pub, Club and Cider pub competitions are contested as an open vote separated by geographic regions of the branch. Throughout the month of January a voting page will be present on the branch website allowing branch
members the chance to vote on any of the awards and for any pub in those geographic regions. The page will also show the criteria that pubs will be scored by in the regional round of the competition.

Once all votes have been cast the winners in each category will be checked to make sure they have a average beer score of 3.25 for Pub of the year categories and that at least one CAMRA defined real ale is available in
cider categories, in either case if this criteria is not met then the award shall be presented to the next runner up that meets the criteria.

The reason behind this is to make voting as easy and fair as possible and to avoid our Cider pub of the year having no CAMRA approved cider and to reduce the chance that our pub of the year would fail to be listed in the Good Beer Guide, it will also improve our branches chances at the regional level of competition as beer quality is weighed highest in the scoring in future rounds.

This form is now closed for submissions.